Clean-up of Polish cemeteries on the territory of the former Tarnopol Voivdeship

Borki Wielkie, cleaning works, Płotycz, Tarnopol, volunteering

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On 2 July 2017, a group of 11 volunteers teaming up with the Foundation set off for the region once forming the Tarnopol Voivodeship. The one-week trip was in fact a special mission: the participants were tasked to clean up two highly valuable cemeteries found in the region of the so-called Kresy, or Eastern Borderlands: in Plotycha and in Borki Wielkie. The volunteers were to remove self-seeders, branches, rubbish, cut the grass, and clean the grave markers. 


The condition of many grave markers at the Plotycha cemetery was really bad. The volunteers cleaned a total of 34 grave markers. All of the existing memorials had to have the overgrowing moss cleaned off their surfaces and excess soil surrounding them removed. All of the grave markers were subject to such treatment. The clean-up involved also taking care of the entrance to the cemetery – the site of commemoration of Poles.

Borki Wielkie

The Borki Wielkie cemetery brings two denominations together: the Orthodox faith and the Roman Catholic faith. There is no clear demarcation line separating the quarters where the followers of each of the two options are buried. The oldest part of the cemetery features Polish, Ukrainian, Roman Catholic, and Orthodox graves alike. During the trip to the site, the volunteers removed bushes, weeds, and self-seeders from the necropolis.

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